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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Blog post #4: Subverting the message of "california Gurls" by katy perry

This student-created production is covered under the Fair Use codes US copyright law. Specifically, Section 107 of the current Copyright Act and Section 504(c)(2) cover the educational-basis of this video production. The production is intended to be a transformative remake, aiding in both student and public media literacy. The use of copyrighted material is in the service of constructing a differing understanding than the original work, which according to Section 110 (1) (2), is to be treated as a new cultural production. This student-production is in no way limited to the protections provided by the Fair Use codes stated above due to the many other sections of the current US Copyright Act, which also include the principles of Fair Use.

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  1. I thought it was nicely re-done. You definitely got a point across about eating disorders. I also thought that there were plenty of pictures of pretty women who were healthy.

    I think you could have built a bit more on the dangers of fake tanning, like increased risk of skin cancer. I thought that Snoop's rap could have been handled a bit better too, as you did nothing to say that women aren't still objects. You're just saying that they don't need to starve themselves in order to be accepted.

  2. “California Girls”
    Jon, Henry, & Stewart--
    Your revised-remake definitely made a cute and funny video much more message-oriented. I would have liked to see a bit more of the distorted images of “California Gurls” ala Hollywood’s celebrities. However, I think the images you chose were much more suited for the subversive nature of this project!
    The one issue I see here as problematic is after the screen-text where you’ve proclaimed, “there is hope.” Considering the first image is the one from the Dove “Campaign for Real Beauty,” which we discussed in class as a convenient (if not even more insidious due to its claim of “real beauty” and the “messages sent by the beauty industry”) way for Unilever to market another product, when it also owns the Axe brand. That product is one of the biggest proponents of negative images of women in its product marketing campaigns. The overall goal of your video isn’t to propose a solution or hope for the future (if you could have, great, but if not, that’s fine too) because it’s skipping a lot of territory in doing so. The idea that all women from California are “California Gurls” is a bit odd considering, most women, by virtue of the term “woman,” are in fact grown adults, ones who deserve full-adult-personhood and not the label of “girls” at all.

  3. Hola-
    Interesting coincidence tonight...on facebook, saw a "fan page" for "PINK" from victoria's secret... hope it helps your 4th post...

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