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Friday, July 9, 2010

Link-Hunt Assignment

True Blood is Right Wing's Worst Nightmare
July 21, 2009
Blogspot.com / Young Feminist Adventures

Strong Men and Delicate Women in the Vampire Dairies Universe
May 18, 2010

Media and Gender Stereotyping
september 30, 2008
Marla Mcconnell

Gender Inequality Still at work
November 16, 2009
Dr. Elisabeth kelan

Disney Princesses and Feminism
May 17, 2009
Cheryn Tan


  1. The article, "True Blood is Right Wing's Worst Nightmare" is a great representation of gender pop culture. The other articles were wonderful as well but, True Blood really stuck out in the sense that it covers so many aspects of the issues in pop culture reflected through a television series. For instance, the creator Alan Ball is openly gay and his show True Blood shows several similarities between vampires and gay individuals. This step in showing the relationship between the gay communities through the eyes of a vampire is a great way to spread the gay movement and make others aware of the rights that are clearly unfair. For example the right to marry is an example that is used, "A running theme throughout the first season is the vampires fighting for the right to marry humans. Churches claim that vampires are evil and threaten to destroy the very fabric of society" (Laura). This is a clear representation of how the gay community cannot marry the same sex because the law is against their freedom also they are discriminated because of same sex relationships. This article also brings forth that the female character Sookie is used as the damsel in distress. The more clarity and awareness that the public has about female characters and how they are mostly only showed in a sexual or weak light, then the quicker change will come.

  2. Test comment- check to see that comment moderation is turned off bc tylin can't see the comment she posted (neither can I - but it shows "1 comment" and when it's clicked- you see "0 comments")

  3. Somehow, now I can see both Tylin's & my comments...
    Nice Job with the link hunt!
    - Jessie :O)

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